Commit 12818da8 authored by Benjamin "Ziirish" SANS's avatar Benjamin "Ziirish" SANS
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fix: some exceptions in multi-agent mode

parent 1f0b6856
......@@ -573,7 +573,10 @@ class AllClients(Resource):
grants[serv] = 'all'
for (serv, clients) in iteritems(grants):
if not isinstance(clients, list):
clients = [x['name'] for x in bui.client.get_all_clients(agent=serv)]
clients = [x['name'] for x in bui.client.get_all_clients(agent=serv)]
except BUIserverException:
clients = []
ret += [{'name': x, 'agent': serv} for x in clients]
return ret
......@@ -213,7 +213,7 @@ class Live(Resource):
server not in bui.acl.servers(self.username)):
self.abort(403, 'You are not allowed to view stats of this server')
if server:
l = bui.client.is_one_backup_running(server)[server]
l = bui.client.is_one_backup_running(server)
if bui.acl and not self.is_admin:
allowed = bui.acl.clients(self.username, server)
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