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# -*- coding: utf8 -*-
.. module:: burp1
:platform: Unix
:synopsis: Burp-UI burp1 backend module.
.. moduleauthor:: Ziirish <>
import re
import os
import socket
......@@ -17,6 +25,7 @@ from burpui.misc.utils import human_readable as _hr, BUIlogging, BUIcompress
from burpui.misc.backend.interface import BUIbackend, BUIserverException
from burpui.misc.parser.burp1 import Parser
g_burpport = '4972'
g_burphost = '::1'
g_burpbin = u'/usr/sbin/burp'
......@@ -24,6 +33,7 @@ g_stripbin = u'/usr/sbin/vss_strip'
g_burpconfcli = None
g_burpconfsrv = u'/etc/burp/burp-server.conf'
class Burp(BUIbackend, BUIlogging):
states = {
'i': 'idle',
......@@ -65,8 +75,23 @@ class Burp(BUIbackend, BUIlogging):
def __init__(self, server=None, conf=None):
def __init__(self, server=None, conf=None, dummy=False):
The :class:`burpui.misc.backend.Burp1` module provides a consistent
backend for ``burp-1`` servers.
:param server: ``Burp-UI`` server instance in order to access logger and/or some global settings
:type server: :class:`burpui.server.BUIServer`
:param conf: Configuration file to use
:type conf: str
:param dummy: Does not instanciate the object (used for development purpose)
:type dummy: boolean
global g_burpport, g_burphost, g_burpbin, g_stripbin, g_burpconfcli, g_burpconfsrv
if dummy:
return = None
self.acl_handler = False
if server:
......@@ -117,7 +142,7 @@ class Burp(BUIbackend, BUIlogging):
if not os.path.isfile(strip) or not os.access(strip, os.X_OK):
self._logger('error', "Ooops, '%s' not found or is not executable", strip)
strip = None
if not bbin.startswith('/'):
self._logger('warning', "Please provide an absolute path for the 'burpbin' option. Fallback to '%s'", g_burpbin)
bbin = g_burpbin
......@@ -780,4 +805,3 @@ class Burp(BUIbackend, BUIlogging):
if not attr or not self.parser:
return None
return self.parser.get_priv_attr(attr)
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