avoid duplicate requests + manage error cases

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......@@ -560,7 +560,7 @@ class History(Resource):
for moment in moments.keys():
if moment in args:
if moment in args and args[moment] is not None:
if args[moment] is not None:
moments[moment] = arrow.get(args[moment]).timestamp
except arrow.parser.ParserError:
......@@ -764,15 +764,17 @@ class History(Resource):
filtered = False
if data:
if bui.standalone:
events = data.get(client)
events = data.get(client, [None])
events = data.get(server, {}).get(client)
events = data.get(server, {}).get(client, [None])
if not events:
events = bui.client.get_client_filtered(client, start=moments['start'], end=moments['end'], agent=server)
filtered = True
ret = []
for ev in events:
if not ev:
if data and not filtered:
# events are sorted by date DESC
if moments['start'] and ev['date'] < moments['start']:
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