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......@@ -59,10 +59,11 @@ The tool provides some inline help too:
--help Show this message and exit.
compile_translation Compile translations.
compile_translation Compile translations.
create_user Create a new user.
db Perform database migrations.
diag Check Burp-UI is correctly setup.
hash_password Hash a given password to fill the...
init_translation Initialize a new translation for the given...
legacy Legacy server for backward compatibility.
run Runs a local development server for the...
......@@ -147,6 +148,59 @@ Examples:
[+] Success: True
Hashing passwords
Since *v0.3.0*, the `BASIC <advanced_usage.html#basic>`_ authentication backend
supports hashed passwords.
Support for *legacy* plain-text passwords **will be removed in *v0.7.0***.
In order to automate user creation using external scripts, a new ``bui-manage``
subcommand has been introduced in *v0.6.0*.
Usage: flask hash_password [OPTIONS]
Hash a given password to fill the configuration file.
-p, --password TEXT Password to assign to user.
-u, --username TEXT Provide the username to get the full configuration
-b, --batch Don't be extra verbose so that you can use the output
directly in your scripts. Requires both -u and -p.
--help Show this message and exit.
$ bui-manage hash_password --password demo --username demo --batch
demo = pbkdf2:sha256:50000$w5jD2WT1$d89cd4da1b6c3c3f05173faaf3feea802eee7b5b9a378ae8987d5ac6676d166b
$ bui-manage hash_password --password demo --username demo
'demo' hashed into: pbkdf2:sha256:50000$feQoDIIp$d42e056b75092beda52736ce792c6518061b21d6e1b2c755fdd71a764184ebd9
demo = pbkdf2:sha256:50000$feQoDIIp$d42e056b75092beda52736ce792c6518061b21d6e1b2c755fdd71a764184ebd9
$ bui-manage hash_password -u demo
'********' hashed into: pbkdf2:sha256:50000$MNHOgtdr$22d64b17bb8135be3ad61249d649e89ed96a5d4878b23e4889be24dfc062c126
demo = pbkdf2:sha256:50000$MNHOgtdr$22d64b17bb8135be3ad61249d649e89ed96a5d4878b23e4889be24dfc062c126
$ bui-manage hash_password
'********' hashed into: pbkdf2:sha256:50000$eWzSCvSW$9df9cdf854461a5f927708475e0470ad648f8cd0613ca61f8cee639db165ab53
......@@ -171,6 +225,7 @@ The available options are:
-h, --host TEXT Address of the status server (defaults to "::1")
-r, --redis TEXT Redis URL to connect to
-d, --database TEXT Database to connect to for persistent storage
-p, --plugins TEXT Plugins location
-n, --dry Dry mode. Do not edit the files but display
--help Show this message and exit.
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