Commit 032bef95 authored by Ziirish's avatar Ziirish

fixing a bug that stops cid just after upgrading it

parent 4e9b4f81
......@@ -104,15 +104,19 @@ cid_file_check_config_version (CidMainContainer **pCid, const gchar *f)
if (strcmp(line_f1,line_f2)!=0 || (*pCid)->config->bUnvalidKey)
gboolean ret = FALSE;
cid_warning ("bad file version, building a new one\n");
cid_file_remove (f);
gchar *cTmpPath = g_strdup_printf("%s/%s",CID_DATA_DIR,CID_CONFIG_FILE);
ret = cid_file_copy(cTmpPath,f);
g_free (cTmpPath);
cid_save_data (pCid);
cid_read_key_file (pCid, f);
return FALSE;
if (ret)
cid_save_data (pCid);
cid_read_key_file (pCid, f);
return ret;
return TRUE;
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